How to guides for hot tubs wiring, spa setup, ozone, alkalinity, ph, water testing

Hot Tub How-To

A comprehensive guide to all things hot tub. From routine maintenance to complicated repairs, it's all here in one place!

Spas & Hot Tubs Care Repair & Maintenance Information

Buyers Guide, Site Preparation & Spa Hookup

Hot Tub Buyer's Guide: your spa shopping handbook
Installation & Setup: prepping for your new spa arrival
How to Wire a Spa: 240V hot tub hard-wiring explained
Adding an Ozonator: can reduce chemical use
Spa Safety: be prepared
Energy Savings & Conservation Tips: go green, save some green
Used Hot Tubs: the second-hand buying guide

Water Quality & Balance Essentials

ABCs of Spa Water Chemistry: chemical basics
Spa Preparation & Water Maintenance: the easy way
Using Test Strips: instructions for getting accurate results
pH & Alkalinity Issues: dealing with the ups and downs
Troubleshooting Water Problems: causes and cures

Spa Purification Basics

Sanitizers: pick one that's right for your hot tub
Spa Shock: the shocking truth
Ozone: aka energetic oxygen for hot tubs
Bromine & Chlorine Alternatives: now you have a choice
Salt Spa Systems: the new technology for hot tubs
All About Chlorine: the rest of the story
Decontaminating Problem Spas: bring sick hot tubs back

Periodic Maintenance

Spa Filter Maintenance: care, cleaning & replacement
Hot Tub Cover Care: keep it looking like new
Draining: when it's time to change your spa water
Cold Weather Prep & Winterizing: winter is coming

Equipment Repair & Installation

Leaks: find 'em and fix 'em
Ozonator Installation: step-by-step hookup guide
Heater Elements: testing & troubleshooting
Pumps: replacement how-to
Plumbing Repair: cementing flex pipe & fittings
Replacing Control Systems: new life for an old spa
Air Blowers: replacement guide
Error Codes: LCD topside controls messages

Reference Desk & Further Reading

History of Hot Tubs: how it all got started
Hydrotherapy & Health: your spa is good for you
Wood Hot Tubs: the leaky truth