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If you're happy using a conventional spa sanitizer such as bromine, we won't suggest a change. But if you're looking for an odor-free, yet highly effective alternative spa purification system, Nature2 or Frog may be perfect for you. Going chlorine or bromine free has never been easier!

Nature2 Spa Purifier

Nature 2 water purification technology for spas gives the purest, clearest water imaginable, with virtually no odor. It works using a silver catalyst to kill microbes. Since it lasts 4 months, you just replace it with each water change.

Keep your hot tub water sparkling clean using fewer harsh chemicals. That makes it easier to keep water pH in the proper range, which not only feels better, but your equipment will last longer. No more red, burning eyes, irritated skin, or discolored hair. Let Nature 2 sanitize your spa automatically.


The Nature2 spa purifier installs in seconds inside your hot tub's filter cartridge.  It works on both pressure and suction type filtration systems and is suitable for spas up to 500 gallons.  Your spa should be circulated a minimum of 4 hours daily to be effective.

NOTE:Your filter cartridge must be at least 8" long, and have an opening diameter of at least 1 1/4" to accept the Nature2 purifier cartridge.

Order the Nature2 Pro Starter Kit and get the Nature 2 cartridge and all the water balance chemicals and other products you need at a discounted price.

Spa Frog Sanitizing Systems

Frog offers 3 sanitizing systems that utilize a combination of minerals and either chlorine or bromine to kill bacteria in 2 ways. Combining minerals with a traditional sanitizer allows the ability to run extremely low sanitizer levels (up to 75% lower) compared to traditional systems on their own.

Spa Frog Filter Mate Mineral Sanitizer

Frog Filter Mate cleans and softens hot tub water inside your filter cartridge. Use either chlorine or bromine at half the usual level and kill bacteria in 2 ways. Get softer feeling water that not only feels better but is easier on your swimsuits and spa equipment. Lasts 4 months, just swap it out at each water change.


Install the Filter Mate inside the filter cartridge or in the filter skimmer tray. Works for both pressure and suction filtration systems and treats spas up to 1000 gallons. For best results, circulate water for a minimum of 2 hours twice a day. 

Spa Frog Serene Sanitizer System

Frog Serene is a paired set of mineral and bromine cartridges that keep your spa clean and kill bacteria in 2 ways. Available as a floating system, or as cartridge refills for spas with this technology built-in, you’ll experience softer water, less bromine, no odor, and low maintenance. The mineral cartridge lasts 4 months and the bromine cartridge lasts 1 month.


Insert the blue mineral cartridge and yellow bromine cartridge into the green floating holder and let the system free-float in the spa. Remove the Spa Frog from the hot tub before use and replace it when finished.


For spas equipped with factory-installed inline systems,  simply replace the mineral and bromine cartridges in your spas holder at recommended intervals.

Spa Frog @ease Floating Sanitizer System

Frog @ease mineral/chlorine floating system is designed for the maintenance averse of us. There are no odors since @ease uses up to 75% less chlorine compared to using chlorine alone. The self-regulating system only requires shocking the water once a month!


Simply snap the mineral and chlorine pods together and let it float around your hot tub killing bacteria in 2 ways. Once the chlorine is depleted, the unit flips upside down indicating it’s time to snap on a new chlorine pod.


The mineral cartridge lasts 4 months and the chlorine cartridge lasts up to 4 weeks.

Nature 2 Hot Tub Supplies Kit

“I was getting so tired of having to check my water every couple of days that I stopped using my spa. The nice folks at recommended I try the Nature 2 system and oh my goodness! Now I use my spa every day and only check water chemistry every 2 weeks! Thanks Spa Depot!!”

Brian Hammer
Temecula, CA

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