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This was much cheaper than the Watkins unit. Hopefully it will be long lasting.

Ever so slightly longer than the OEM part I replaced (@1/4") so the holes for mounting were off. Not a big deal but the equipment cabinet is also not a great space to be working in. These newer heaters come without the 'onboard pressure switch/third grey wire'(now obsolete) of my original 2012. I didn't see the explanation on the Spadepot site(may have missed it) but you need to clip the molded plug from your old heater leaving an inch or two of wire, strip the red and black wires/twist them together, and reinstall on the circuit board where it originally went to 'jump/bypass/?" something in order for the heater/tub to work.

Fits & works great

I originally ordered wrong part got this one which is correct and fits and works very well

Knowledgeable and conscientious sales support!

Dustan was highly knowledgeable of the product and wanted to make absolutely sure I bought exactly what I needed!

Great Price

It was easy to order the fuse and the price was right. It was the exact fuse I needed for my hot tub. The circulation pump was bad and the fuse blowing did its job protecting the hot tub. It's up and running again.

Great price, great filters

I have been purchasing from Spa Depot for years. Half price of what I can find locally.

Love You Guys!

I've been using Spa Depot ever since we purhased our Hot Tub in 2016
Thanks to your products our Hot Tub is still in great working order. It's just so much easier being able to get all the hot tub spplies in one place and the free shipping makes it even better!

Didn’t last- tripped breaker

After owning my hot tub for over 20 years, I’ve only had to replace the heater one time and I chose this one and immediately started having problems with my GFCI circuit breaker tripping, and just three years now it has completely broken with zero continuity. The previous heater lasted 18 years. It was a Hydro quip.

I'm sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with our heater element. These elements are manufactured by HydroQuip, using the best materials available, and have an excellent track record of reliability. We're always looking for ways to improve product durability. To that end, a technician will contact you shortly to get more information and help correct the issue.

Good experience

My pump arrived only about 30 hours after I ordered it, super fast shipping. Easy set up, running smooth.

Excellent cover

Lightweight, durable, easy to open. Love this cover.

Great customer service

I verbally spoke to the tech about what was the correct unit to replace my 20+ year old recently burned-out control board and she was very helpful. The installation was easy and straightforward. A month later it stopped working so I called for tech support and Amy stepped me through the troubleshooting and now we are fully functional again. Vibration must have loosened one of my power connections and I had missed that check before calling. She was very patient and knowledgeable. She didn't make me feel stupid as it ended up being a very simple issue to resolve.

4 years before falling apart

I’ve been very happy with the cover up until the four year mark, at which time the fabric started ripping and the seams falling apart. The tub is not sheltered at all, and I live in New England, so the cover did endure some abuse from the elements, but I expected that with a little duck tape I could squeeze at least five years out of it, but no way. The cover is falling apart in every way - the seams, the fabric, you name it. For $500 (2019 prices), I expected more life than I got.

Review for MW 240V Spa GFCI Box / Disconnect - Up to 50A Load

Excellent Disconnect GFCI box for your Hot Tub, reason being that there is spacious room to run the 6 gauge wire that requires bending for connections, the white pigtail measured 19" in length, which worked great with my power in white wire that was 6", so 6 x3 =18, the 19" gave me 1" over the thumb rule the pigtail has to 3 times longer than the incoming white wire length. This sounds like a crazy thumb rule but was told this by an electrician, take it for what it is worth.

The water sparkles.

Good job

Super friendly customer service. Had a problem with the payment on the website super nice sales lady took my order on the phone. The heater was a direct fit. Easy to install. Working great.

spa system flush

nice very well


I like the bromide
But getting to expensive
Going to check other places for price

Perfect Circ Pump

Ez fix for a 2004 Hot Springs Prodigy H. Perfect fit!

Way too expensive

Went up to over $40 after covid. Manufacture shutdown was reason given. Now it's over $60!

Thanks for reaching out. The pandemic and events in the Middle East have impacted world bromine production, significantly affecting costs. We strive to offer competitive prices and will continue to monitor the situation closely. Thank you for your understanding.

Works great...but foam handle covering split after 6 months

Installed the handrail in July '23. By December, the foam covering began to split at one of the elbows. Photo is from April '24.

Website wrong on size of filter for Jacuzzi 470.

This review is a followup on by earlier post today. SpaDepot subsequently contacted me and told me that they are updating the website and refunded my purchase. I am happy with the resolution and will continue to use SpaDepot in the future.

Excellent quality and delivered as promised.

Custom dimensions were delivered with high quality workmanship and materials.
I recommend this cover highly.

Quick delivery of product

I received exactly what I ordered, which happened to be the part I needed. It arrived within 5 days of placing my order, and I was notified at every step of the delivery journey.

Super Fast Shipping

Quality products, fair prices, great shipping. What more do you need?

Spa filters

Just what I needed fit perfect thank you