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Great product! Have been using for years!

Good product fast delivery. Reasonable prices.

Had important parts that I needed at reasonable prices. Fast delivery.

Had important parts that I needed at reasonable prices. Quick delivery.

Stands the test of time

I have several of these and they’ve continued to turn smoothly for three years. Other valves stick and stop working due to the water heat. These do not. They are my go-to for high quality valves.

Super Help!!

Lost my filter number, ordered a bunch in the past and didn't realize I used the last one. Couldn't find filter number anywhere. SpaDepot staff were able to look up my old orders and give me the correct filter number to order.

Simply the ONLY place to get stuff for My Hot Tub!!

Replacement 4HP 240v 2-speed pump

Pump works fine, no issues. It was shipped promptly and arrived in good condition and is purring away as I write this.
My only objection is with the instructions regarding wiring. For a 240V pump there is not neutral connection, but the instructions indicate a neutral conductor terminated to the pump. There is a common wire for either speed, but it is not the neutral conductor. Instructions indicate that the white wire lead is the neutral conductor when in fact it is one of the two 120V legs. Low or high speed terminals get the other 120V leg. Residential power is called split phase, which is single phase power with a neutral conductor and two 120V legs with respect to neutral and measuring 240V between the two hot legs. A 240V pump has connections for ground and the two hot legs, the neutral conductor is not used and not connected to the pump. This should be clarified in the instructions.

Exactly what I expected great filters at a great price

Jacie been using this product for years! Always great & service is quick!

Just what I needed!

Poor quality not worth the price.

We bought this for our sunken hot tub. Mounting per the instructions lifted the cover but left it still hanging over the tub making one side unusable. Moving it back to clear the tub caused the cover to sit too high and swing back and forth. After just a few uses the ‘locking mechanism failed. It is flimsy plastic and very poor quality. It jammed and broke the lift mechanism.

We are sorry to hear about your negative experience with our Spa Cover-Mate III - Deck Mount Lift. We strive to provide high-quality products and it is disappointing to learn that this was not the case for you. Our team will be in touch to take the necessary steps to ensure that the issue is addressed and resolved.

Worked like a charm and very well priced!!!

5 star product and service

Thanks to Garth at spa depot for taking time to answer my questions!!

Product is 100% as advertised. Easy to install and get water balanced. Only Took 2 days to get right chemistry. Have had salt pool so used Garth’s knowledge and my experience. Started with a fresh filled spa and used chlorine to get optimum level before using the mini.

The higher the temperature the quicker chlorine burns out which means you’ll need more time than the 5 hour default but not more salt.

100% recommended product and spa depot service!!

Switch to salt!

Switch your tub to salt water; you will not regret it! No more itch from bromine, no more out of control water quality. Extremely easy to maintain water quality. I simply add salt when I add water, that is it. These salt test strips work good to confirm salt ppm.

Super easy to use system that makes spa care a breeze

Love the way this works. It releases exactly the right amount of bromine and doesn’t have a super strong smell.


I made the mistake of adding calcium booster before using this. This stuff solidified every bit of calcium and coated EVERYTHING chalky white. Gummed up the filter, calcium deposits on jets, every tub surface, and coated heater element white. Descaler did not help. Had to drain tub, remove heater element, every single jet and control, and wash tub and jets in CLR. If you added any calcium booster, DO NOT USE! The pic is of the heater element. Every jet and tub surface looked the same.

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you had with this product. pH Perfect Balance is designed to work best in water with less than 150ppm calcium hardness. Additionally, we always suggest checking water hardness before adding this product. If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Great product. Great company. Great customer service.


Followed directions. Primed properly and....nothing. The only thing I got was smoke. Threw it away.

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with our Hot Tub Water Draining Pump. They have a good record of reliability, so this is puzzling. Customer care is reaching out to get a little more information and resolve the issue. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Great products and service

Spa Cover Reviews
William G.
Weather shield much nicer looking material

And besides that it was so much lighter. In fact our old one was probably heavier than this when it was brand new. So overall we are very happy to be able to lift it easier. This is our second cover the old one lasted about 5 maybe 6 years. But this is the first one with this weather shield.

Spa Depot has the best prices and selection and fast shipping

Best price there is, and excellent quality

Excellent replacement for Watkins No-Fault!

Simple installation - remove and replace. Anyone should be able to do this themselves if they can operate a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. I was replacing a Watkins No-Fault which has a pressure relief wire that feeds into the mainboard. This is not needed with the new heater but it will not work unless you jump the mainboard connector. Please - don't let this intimidate you. Just cut the old wire from your defective heater, maybe 3-4 inches after the board interface plug. Clear and strip the wires and twist them together - install a wire nut or solder and tape if you like. Plug back into the appropriate receptor and all is go. You cannot get this wrong.