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Saltwater purification systems produce small amounts of pure sanitizer derived from natural salt, just enough to purify the water. Salt systems are a better alternative to packaged bromine or chlorine, providing naturally clean, crystal clear and more pleasant water. The water actually feels better!

Not just for pools anymore!

For years, the benefits of saltwater have been enjoyed by swimming pool owners. Salt systems have proven to be safe, effective and eco-friendly. And now, this next-generation technology is affordably available for hot tub spa owners.

Benefits of Salt Systems

  • Smoother, softer-feeling water
  • Diminished chloramines formation
  • Less odor - Eco-friendly
  • Gentle to hair, even colored or blonde
  • Reduced eye irritation
  • Soothing to skin
  • No packaged chlorine or bromine to buy and store
  • Extremely low cost to operate
  • Health benefits when using mineral salts
  • Safe for equipment
  • Easily adjusted sanitizer level
  • Low maintenance

While some marketers tout salt systems as chemically free, that's really not honest advertising and misses the point. We live in a world of chemistry, and life itself could not exist without chemicals. Salt is a chemical. Water is the most common chemical on our green Earth's surface! Salt systems are an advanced method to utilize natural chemistry in a better way.

Many people, convinced they were allergic to chlorine, found no such problems after switching to a salt-based system. Perhaps the additives in packaged chlorine were more to blame.

In any case, salt systems give users more precision to control sanitizer output. Often times, this results in lower levels to achieve water purity. The mineral salts have many health benefits of their own, as explained below.

How a Salt Water Spa System Works

Salt is sodium chloride (NaCl). Through a controlled process in a low-current electrolysis cell, chlorine is produced in just the right amount, sanitizing spa water.

As saltwater enters the cell, a safe, low-voltage current passes between the plates, producing pure chlorine (Cl). In water the chlorine instantly becomes hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is its disinfecting form.

In conjunction with its control unit and programmable timer, the Saltron Mini Spa cell will sanitize your hot tub. It's very efficient, using about the energy of a 50-watt light bulb, often running less than an hour a day.

Saltron Mini is simple to install in about 10 minutes, without tools or any modifications to your spa. It is completely compatible with ozone, and in fact enhances the water quality of ozonator-equipped spas. As with any system, properly balanced water is essential.

Saltron Mini Owner's Manual

The Salt System: recycles itself

You're probably wondering how often the salt needs to be replenished. One of the beauties of these systems is that as hypochlorous acid is depleted, the chlorine recycles back into salt. So, you only have to add salt occasionally due to water splash-out, and replace it when the water is changed. Very economical!

Salinity Levels: lower than you think

When we think of saltwater, the ocean usually comes to mind. Seawater has a strong salty taste of course, and it can cause metal corrosion. So you might be wondering if salt systems are safe for spa equipment. Fortunately, the levels of salt used with spa systems are very low by comparison, and safe for equipment.* The table below shows some approximate saline levels to give you a perspective:

Salinity Comparison - parts per million

  • Ocean water - 35,000ppm
  • Human tears - 9,000ppm
  • Ability to taste salt - 5,000ppm
  • Modern salt pools - 3,000ppm
  • Typical spa salt system - 2,500ppm

In fact, at the low saline levels typically used for spa chlorine generators, most people cannot even taste the salt. Salinity and chlorine levels are easy to check with our highly accurate AquaChek brand Salt and Chlorine Spa Test Strips.

Note:severe over-chlorination harms spa equipment over time. Check and adjust chorine levels to maintain suggested sanitizer levels.

*Refer to your spa owner's manual and warranty.

Dead Sea Minerals: a better salt

Your choice of salts is very important. Common table salt, rock salt and ice-melt contain anti-caking agents and other additives. Avoid these types, as they can foul the electrode plates of a chlorinator.

We offer a special grade of authentic Dead Sea Mineral salts, refined for use in salt systems. This natural product contains not only the necessary sodium chloride, but other beneficial minerals not found in common salt.

Dead Sea Mineral Salt Facts

The Dead Sea contains many naturally occurring minerals, some found in no other sea, lake or ocean. Dead Sea mineral baths have been recognized since ancient times to impart a relaxed feeling. They nourish the skin and invigorate the circulatory system, while easing discomforts, everyday aches and pains and muscle soreness. They can turn your spa into a backyard oasis.

  • Magnesium: essential for cell metabolism.
  • Sodium ions: promote supple-feeling skin
  • Potassium: for muscles and nervous system
  • Other valuable trace elements

Your home spa is the perfect place to combine the benefits of Premium Dead Sea Mineral Salts with modern salt systems.

The Spa Depot is a factory authorized retailer for the Solaxx Saltron Mini.

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