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How can I tell if my old spa cover needs replacement? view

What is WeatherShield Outdoor Fabric? view

Is WeatherShield easy to clean? view

Can I get fabric color swatch samples? view

Why did you discontinue vinyl? view

What's the difference in your cover models? view

What is Energy Reflex and how can it save money? view

How much weight will your covers support? view

How do I measure for a new spa cover? view

Can I order my cover without tie-down straps or a skirt? view

Is your core foam protected from water saturation? view

Will a new spa cover reduce my spa heating costs? view

How long should a hot tub cover last? view

How can I make my cover last longer? view

Do you make covers for bolt-on Hot Spring cover lifters? view

What is your warranty? view

Are your covers ASTM Certified? view

Is your shipping free? view

Do you have spa covers in stock? view

How long will it take to get my replacement spa cover? view

How will my spa cover be shipped? view

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How long have you been in business? view

Construction & transport time ETA: 4-6 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent cover

Lightweight, durable, easy to open. Love this cover.

4 years before falling apart

I’ve been very happy with the cover up until the four year mark, at which time the fabric started ripping and the seams falling apart. The tub is not sheltered at all, and I live in New England, so the cover did endure some abuse from the elements, but I expected that with a little duck tape I could squeeze at least five years out of it, but no way. The cover is falling apart in every way - the seams, the fabric, you name it. For $500 (2019 prices), I expected more life than I got.

Jeralyn B.
Highest quality cover

I purchased this cover in 2020. I chose the highest quality material. This past summer, it started "taking on water". I knew it was going to need replaced soon, but I thought I might make it through the winter. Last week, I opened it and it tore the screws from the lift right out of the side of my hottub. So much for the lighter material. I feel like I should get more than 3.5 years out of a cover. I got 5 years out of the manufacturer's cover.

Russell Z.
Horrible cover

Would not recommend Spa Depot. The cover seems cheaply made for $500, and have only had four months and the cover is leaking mildew water after every rain. Our old cover, though badly faded, was better made

I'm very sorry to hear about this. Our cover team will be contacting you shortly to get more information and get this taken care of.

Amazing cover!

This cover is a massive upgrade over what we had before. So light and well designed. We ordered the double seal on the inside because our last cover ended up weighing at least 50 pounds and I broke the lifter it got so heavy. The under spa lifter from Spa Depot works great as well.

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