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Featuring Advanced WeatherShield Outdoor Fabric

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WeatherShield Colors
Measuring Guides
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A - Advanced WeatherShield Outdoor Fabric

B - 6-mil ZeroTex Vapor Barrier seals out moisture

C - Steel Reinforcement prevents cover sagging

D - Polylaminate Underside protects insulating core

E - Premium Heavy-duty wind straps are standard equipment

Measuring Guides
Current cover construction time is 6-8 weeks. Add up to 6-8 weeks transport. Total time (order to delivery) estimate: 12-16 weeks.

How DuraTherm Makes a Better Spa Cover

Duratherm spa cover manufacturing process
Free spa cover shipping

First, a CAD drawing is created from your measurements. Then the spa top skin in your color choice is precisely cut by computer-guided machines, while the inner core is crafted to matching dimensions. This assures a great fit for your beautiful new hot tub cover.

But a DuraTherm cover's good looks are more than skin deep. What you can’t see are the 30 points of internal reinforcement, extra work done to assure durability and strength. And our cores provide better thermal insulation and moisture resistance, for energy savings year after year.


Quality like this can’t be rushed, so allow about 6-8 weeks for production. Due to unprecedented challenges in the freight delivery industry, expect up to 6-8 weeks transit time from California.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2682 reviews
DuraTherm Spa Cover - eMax

I purchased a DuraTherm Spa Cover - eMax and it lasted about 29 months before the paper thin outer fabric started to fail near a seam.
I notified the Spa Depot immediately because the cover came with a 36 month warranty.

Their response was that fabric failure is not covered under the 36 month warranty, I suspect nothing is covered under the warranty and it is really just a marketing prop to make buyers feel comfortable at point of purchase.

You should not have any expectations that there is a warranty or that the product will last 3 years before needing replacement.

I would love to review it!

But I haven't received it yet…… Still waiting. 2 months. Will update when it actually arrives.

Worked out

Customer reps tried hard to help me with measurements of my hot tub. Couldn't get the corners based on my measurements. I went ahead and ordered a cover I hope would work. It fine just alittle big but serves it purpose. 2nd cover I've ordered from spa depot. Good quality and very good customer service. Always responds. Thank s

I would buy again!

Very pleased, it came a month or so early, and that was great. I was concerned about my measurements being ok, but it turned out wonderful!

very happy with my purchase

fits my hot tub perfectly, really like the coastal grey color....very happy with my decision to purchase from you....thanks

Perfect protection and a beautiful look.

Nicely made and fits like a glove.


We received the bromide dispenser but are still waiting for the spa cover. Please advise

Great company

Excellent quality! Delivery was actually earlier than expected. Would recommend spadepot to anyone with spa equipment needs. Excellent customer service as well.

Decent cover but don't expect it to last more than 5 years

I've had my Duratherm ""Premium"" cover now for almost 6 years and it probably should have been replaced after 5 years. This was my 3rd cover and core saturation was the primary reason for replacing the others so I ordered it with the highest density 2 lb foam, double wrapped, and thermo shield and moisture still got in but probably a little less than my previous covers. The biggest reason I need to replace it is because the vinyl now looks terrible as it is crack and faded even though I live in the cloudy Pacific NW and using their recommended 303 vinyl protectant twice a year probably because it seemed like they use a thinner and maybe less UV resistant material than my previous covers. I also didn't like the lighter duty zippers than my two previous covers and the pulls have broken off. All in all it lasted and costed about the same as my two previous covers. Maybe with the new fabric like material it would ""look"" better for longer but other materials used in the cover will likely still be the limiting factor.

Quality cover arrived on time

This is a really nice cover, my previous one lasted about 10 years before becoming waterlogged. The push button latches were higher quality than the basic clip style and look nice too. Mine arrived about 8 weeks from the time I placed my order, ahead of schedule. Only weird thing was it came as a surprise - site still showed in production and I received no tracking. Not complaining though, always get quality items and service from spa depot.

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