Flow-Thru Universal Spa Heater Element - Titanium or Incoloy

Flow-Thru Universal Spa Heater Element - Titanium or Incoloy
Flow-Thru Universal Spa Heater Element - Titanium or Incoloy
Flow-Thru Universal Spa Heater Element - Titanium or Incoloy

Flow-Thru Universal Spa Heater Element - Titanium or Incoloy

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Universal Flow-thru Spa Heater Element. Fits 2" heater manifold tubes including Balboa M-7, Brett Aqualine, many others. Upgrade to Titanium for double service life.

  • Wattage Choice
  • Standard Incoloy or Long-life Titanium

Product notes: Use 2 wrenches for terminal nuts to avoid damage to epoxy seal (as illustrated). Replaces 12-0100F-K, 12-0100-K, 12-0101F-K, 12-0101-K, 12-0102F-K, 12-0102-K, 20-3053, 20-3440, 2-05-0030TI, 25-4030, 25-4031-BI-TI, 25-4034-BI-TI, 25-4041-BI-TI, 25-4022, 4-FLO, 6-FLO. Incoloy warranty 1-yr.; Titanium 2-yr.

Spa Heater Element Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Less than a year

Bought one in July 2021, and having to replace March 2022. Not sure if that is expected life expectancy but my other one lasted about 5 years.

Cold Tub
Won't last in salt - not covered by Warranty!

paid extra for the titanium with 2 year warranty (bx5000at).. bought two, first one lasted 11 months, 2nd one lasted just over 1 month. SpaDepot service is typically good, they gave me a replacement for the 1st one (but stated it shouldn't be warranty due to corrosion), but won't warranty the 2nd one, again stating warranty doesn't cover corrosion and my salt levels must be off. It was in the tub for just over a month! Going to try a different brand in the future, I think these are just JUNK! I like SpaDepot but question their quality.. If you buy at least don't pay extra for the extended warranty!

Don't buy!

Piece of junk. Should have heeded the reviews. Lasted 7 months. Not happy after buying the so called better one.

Product Lasted Two Months

Installed this heater element into a brand new heater unit whose heating element lasted all of two seconds. It worked fine for about two months. I changed the spa water, turned it on, and within two to four seconds the GFCI tripped. Turned it back on and after a while noticed that the water temperature had not changed. Got out my meter, checked the resistance across the heater element and discovered a complete open circuit. This is the second one to fail.

Good quality

Mine has been working for 2 years on standard quality Main thing is just make sure you use two wrenches to install it so you don't break it.


Might not be Spa Depot fault but the universal heater element I bought from them is a piece of junk. Just tried to remove the nuts outside of the hot tub and the stud part broke off. The part never got close to the hot tub. DO NOT buy the universal heater element !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Art Christiansen
I'll try again...but..

I even bought the better one that cost twenty dollars more. It only lasted about a year. The whole purpose of getting the more expensive one is, was for longevity. Not happy, but I don't know where else to turn. I've got no paperwork as I was happy with delivery and price. Figured it was a stand up company so that meant quality product. Maybe my mistake

bryan h.
heater element

Have a 25 year old Hydroquip. Thought it was finally done for. Turns out it was just the heater element, which was accurately diagnosed over the phone by the spadepot tech. Ordered it, installed it. Aaahh...

Joe C.
Heater Element

Unit is working great! Thanks for the quick service also!

Rodney G.
Works great

Works great