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DuraTherm spa cover

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Featuring Advanced WeatherShield Outdoor Fabric

Durable spa tops

WeatherShield Colors
Measuring Guides
cover construction diagram


A - Advanced WeatherShield Outdoor Fabric

B - 6-mil ZeroTex Vapor Barrier seals out moisture

C - Steel Reinforcement prevents cover sagging

D - Polylaminate Underside protects insulating core

E - Premium Heavy-duty wind straps are standard equipment

Measuring Guides
Current Build time is 3-5 weeks. Add up to 3-5 weeks transport. Total time (order to delivery) estimate: 6-10 weeks.

How DuraTherm Makes a Better Spa Cover

Duratherm spa cover manufacturing process
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First, a CAD drawing is created from your measurements. Then the spa top skin in your color choice is precisely cut by computer-guided machines, while the inner core is crafted to matching dimensions. This assures a great fit for your beautiful new hot tub cover.

But a DuraTherm cover's good looks are more than skin deep. What you can’t see are the 30 points of internal reinforcement, extra work done to assure durability and strength. And our cores provide better thermal insulation and moisture resistance, for energy savings year after year.


Quality like this can’t be rushed, so allow about 3-5 weeks for production. Due to unprecedented challenges in the freight delivery industry, expect up to 3-5 weeks transit time from California.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2685 reviews
Jeralyn B.
Highest quality cover

I purchased this cover in 2020. I chose the highest quality material. This past summer, it started "taking on water". I knew it was going to need replaced soon, but I thought I might make it through the winter. Last week, I opened it and it tore the screws from the lift right out of the side of my hottub. So much for the lighter material. I feel like I should get more than 3.5 years out of a cover. I got 5 years out of the manufacturer's cover.

Russell Z.
Horrible cover

Would not recommend Spa Depot. The cover seems cheaply made for $500, and have only had four months and the cover is leaking mildew water after every rain. Our old cover, though badly faded, was better made

I'm very sorry to hear about this. Our cover team will be contacting you shortly to get more information and get this taken care of.

Amazing cover!

This cover is a massive upgrade over what we had before. So light and well designed. We ordered the double seal on the inside because our last cover ended up weighing at least 50 pounds and I broke the lifter it got so heavy. The under spa lifter from Spa Depot works great as well.

Ken V.
DuraTherm Spa Cover - eMax

I purchased a DuraTherm Spa Cover - eMax and it lasted about 29 months before the paper thin outer fabric started to fail near a seam.
I notified the Spa Depot immediately because the cover came with a 36 month warranty.

Their response was that fabric failure is not covered under the 36 month warranty, I suspect nothing is covered under the warranty and it is really just a marketing prop to make buyers feel comfortable at point of purchase.

You should not have any expectations that there is a warranty or that the product will last 3 years before needing replacement.

I would love to review it!

But I haven't received it yet…… Still waiting. 2 months. Will update when it actually arrives.

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