1.5 HP Waterway Executive Spa Pump: 2" in/out 48Fr-120V

1.5 HP Waterway Executive Spa Pump: 2" in/out 48Fr-120V
1.5 HP Waterway Executive Spa Pump: 2" in/out 48Fr-120V
1.5 HP Waterway Executive Spa Pump: 2" in/out 48Fr-120V
1.5 HP Waterway Executive Spa Pump: 2" in/out 48Fr-120V

1.5 HP Waterway Executive Spa Pump: 2" in/out 48Fr-120V

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Durable Waterway Executive 48 Spa Pumps are simple to install and provide years of trouble-free use. Because of our huge buying power, you'll pay less for a complete new hot tub pump (motor & wet end) than some others charge for just a replacement motor.

  • 2" Side discharge
  • 2-Speed

Product Notes: 110 - 120V. 2-speed; easily configured for 1-speed. Waterway uses various motor manufacturers, so capacitor location may be external or internal. Order new pump unions if needed. Some brands (such as Hayward, Jacuzzi or Sta-Rite) may use non-standard fittings with different dimensions.

Pump Selection & Installation Guide

Voltage: 110-120V

Speed: 2-speed: 3450 RPM high/1725 RPM low

Horsepower: 1.5 HP

Amperage: 13.3A high/4.1A low

Gallons Per Minute: 155 GPM (high speed)

Frame Size: 48 Frame

Intake: 2” plumbing (3” O.D. pump threads)

Discharge: 2” plumbing (3” O.D. pump threads)

Discharge Type: Side

Wet End Discharge Orientation: Top (can easily be rotated)

Overall Length: 16.5”

Waterway Cross Reference: 3420610-1A, 3420610-13, PF-15-2N11C4, PF-15-2N11M4

Motor Cross Reference: RB803, BN37, 5KCP39RN4422X

Warranty: 12 Month Limited Warranty

Horsepower Ratings

Choosing a pump based on Horsepower (HP) can be misleading. The horsepower listed in your spa manual or on old pump's label may be overinflated, inaccurate, or even left blank. Horsepower ratings are often listed as Break Horsepower (BHP), which is not the same as continuous horsepower. Selecting a pump with too much power for your spa can cause significant damage.

To avoid choosing the incorrect pump, use the Amperage rating listed on the old pump's label to find the correct replacement instead of the horsepower. The amperage rating is listed with both high/low speed for a 2 speed pump.

Determining Spa Pump Plumbing Size

Pump plumbing sizes are nominal and not actual outside diameter (O.D.) of the threaded intake or discharge. Use a tape measure and check the diameter of your old pump thread size.

  • 1.5” Pump thread measures approx. 2-3/8” O.D.
  • 2.0” Pump thread measures approx. 3” O.D.
  • 2.5” Pump thread measures approx. 3-5/8”

Orientation of Wet End

Pump wet ends can be oriented in 90º increments to meet your installation requirements. Loosen the four through-bolts from the back of the motor and pull them back enough to disengage. Then rotate the wet end to the desired position realign and re-tighten the bolts. 

Side or Center Discharge

The two spa pump form factors refer to the outflow or discharge fitting on the Wet End. Your old pump will be either Center Discharge or Side Discharge.

In most cases you need to match the existing form factor to get the components to match up. If you can use either form, select Side Discharge, which is more efficient than a Center Discharge pump of the same horsepower.

Motor Frame Size

The physical size of the pump motor is referred to as frame. Spa main pumps will have a size of either 48 frame, which are approx. 5.5" diameter, or 56 frame, which are approx. 6.5" diameter.

Since motor manufacturers do not label frame size consistently, you should determine a motor's frame size by measuring the spacing between the through-bolts on the back of the motor. Bolt spacing on a 48 frame motor will be less than 4 inches. A 56 frame motor's bolts will be spaced more than 4 inches apart.

Note: Because of their lower cost and compact size, most spa pumps in service are 48 frame. The larger 56 frame motors are a little more expensive and somewhat stronger. They tend to operate a bit cooler than 48 frame units, which can mean longer service life.

Configuring a Pump for 2 or 1 Speed Use

Our 2-speed pumps can easily be configured for 1-speed. Wire the common and high speed terminal connections, while leaving the low speed terminal blank.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews

For Hot Tub.

I would buy this product again

Matched up great

It was the same pump has the original

It was a replacement pump for my spa at half the price..

Just what I needed

The right product at a good price. I have an old Clearwater Trio spa, and the shaft to the impeller of the old pump literally rusted through. This pump is a little less power than the original, and the ordering of the wiring was slightly different, but the wiring was easy to figure out and the pump works like a charm. #sweepstakes Pump arrived promptly and in good condition.

Update on previous review for installation in Aquaterra

Just providing some more pictures to a previous review I did on installing this pump in an Aquaterra Transport II. As mentioned in my previous review, the plumbing is tight (but will work) when using this replacement pump. The main reason is evident in the pictures below with the main culprit being that the suction side inlet is about 5/8 taller than the original Watkins pump. As I said before, the plumbing in this tub has very little play so it takes some patience to get everything lined up and threaded properly.

Not happy so far!

Did not hook up to my plumbing on Hot Springs Spa and seals I ordered did not work!

Replaced Watkins 1431701-03 rev A in Aquaterra Transport II

With help from SpaDepot tech support, this pump was identified as the correct replacement for my Aquaterra Transport II tub that had an existing Watkins 1431701-03 rev A pump installed. The first pump that SpaDepot sent out was defective. It was loud and leaking from the shaft seal. It also was causing a FLO error on my control panel. I worked with SpaDepot and they did send out a replacement which worked like a champ and is much quieter than the defective one and maybe just about as quiet as the Watkins. Anyway, this pump installed ok as a replacement in this Aquaterra. A couple words of caution: 1) replace the o-rings on your tail pieces when changing this pump. I tried the recommended o-ring/gasket combo from SpaDepot but these did not fit right in my case. Instead, I ordered standard #230 o-rings from another supplier and these worked great. 2) This pump, while very close, is slightly different in dimensions. The plumbing in the Aquaterra is so tight that I had to first hook up both unions before screwing down the pump to the base so that everything would line up correctly. Also, the inlet side (top) of the plumbing is slightly off for this pump in relation to the factory plumbing. You should loosely (and cleanly) thread the top union then push (the 90 degree PCV pipe) as hard as you can toward the back of the cabinet so that the flanges seat correctly then make the union tight. Finally, I ordered the recommended rubber isolation base for this pump but it won't work on the Aquaterra because, again, the plumbing is too tight with almost no tolerance to movement. All in all, everything worked out great but learned some lessens along the way (like change the o-rings while you have it apart!!). Also, DO NOT use a wrench to tighten the union to the pump; you WILL regret it. Hand tighten only! Good luck!

Ryan helped me get my spa parts up and running.

Ryan researched my needs and all the picks and numbers related put together an estimate. I orered the parts up and runnung! Thanks crew!


thank you are the best

Direct replacement for a 2005 Jacuzzi Vita Spa

Easy to install and runs quiet and efficient.