Spazazz Rx Crystals - Sleep Therapy

Spazazz Rx Crystals - Sleep Therapy
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Spazazz Rx Crystals - Sleep Therapy

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Spazazz Rx Crystals take hot tub & bath aromatherapy to a new level. Enjoy enlivening aromas and therapeutic benefits of vitamins with moisturizing botanicals. Tension and everyday aches & pains melt away in the soothing hydrotherapy.

  • Natural botanicals & vitamins
  • Improves skin hydration
  • 19 oz. jar

Product notes: Add 1-3 capfuls to spa or bath water for therapy. External use only.

Customer Reviews

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Henry H.
Great product, GREAT support.

Had a problem where I ordered 3 of these scent/therapy Chrystal's. Unfortunately, the cap was opened during shipping (??) On one of them, and it was leaking out from tears on the plastic FedEx shipping bag, all over the place.. the inside of the bag was coated with them too. I went an email to the Customer Service and it was replaced right away, and rushed out to me in better packaging. I will definitely order from them again, and they have everything I need! Thank you!

Scott J.
My favorite brand!

I've tried several brands of aroma therapy products and Spazazz is by far my favorite. #sweepstakes

It's not just the product. It's spa depot. They are awesome

I place my order. Often times if I order early. It's on my doorstep tomorrow. Thank you for fast free shipping on my orders

Not my favorite.

I have operated my personal spa for over thirty years and with the helo if the SpaDepot I have never had any problems keeping the water clear, clean and fresh. Recently I decided to use some of the aeromatic additives that they offer, just to make life more interesting. I have never used anything but chlorine granules and shock treatment prior to this. What I have found using the Spazazz Rx Sleep Therapy is that at first it has a very pleasant aroma of lavender but the next day the aroma has worn off and left behind a not so pleasant chemial odor. This odor stays around for about three days after the initial lavender aroma disappears. I am also finding that for the first time eve,r I am getting some sort of wax build at the waterline. It has to be something in the Spazazz Rx product, as I have changed nothing else about the way I use the tub and have had no guests or used any skin products such as oil or ointments. I have quit using the product as it makes using my spa a very unpleasant experience.

My favorite aroma to wind down in the spa

Smells so good. I also pair it with joint therapy after a particularly hard day.