Spa System Flush ~ 6-Pack

Spa System Flush ~ 6-Pack
Spa System Flush
Spa System Flush
Spa System Flush
Spa System Flush

Spa System Flush ~ 6-Pack

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Spa System Flush effortlessly super-cleans hidden pipes, jets, pumps, hoses of hot tubs & jetted whirlpool baths. Removes oily residue, heater scale, grime like nothing else. The volume of filth flushed (even from well-maintained spas) will astonish you.

  • Flushes plumbing - improves jet action
  • Dissolves foam causing oily buildup, scale, inanimate scum
  • (6) x 16 oz. - each bottle enough for 2 spa cleanings

Product notes: When time to change spa water, remove filter, add 8 oz. Run jets for a few minutes, or circulate overnight. Drain and refill with fresh water. Use 2 oz. for whirlpool baths. Shelf life indefinite.

Customer Reviews

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Daryl M.
Good stuff for a thorough clean

Used as directed and when introduced turned the water a milky white and a lot of foam. I suspected our 3-year-old tub to not be really bad as we keep after water treatment and do regular water changes. Temp recovery does seem quicker now.

Spa System Flush

Wow, this stuff worked great. Will definatly use it again. however I let the empty Hot Tub set too long before wiping it down after draining. Took a little elbow grease to get the residue off the tub shell..
Thats on me!! So when you use this wipe the tub down as it drainds and then do a good wipe down ASAP after all the water is out. It will save you some time .. Thanks Spa Depot.

Dean D.
not that good

made more foam then anything else had to fill tub twice to clean all of it out

Thanks for taking a moment to review Spa System Flush. It's important to note that all that foam was oil buildup inside your plumbing. I'm sorry cleaning the foam out was time-consuming. The good news is next time you use the product, provided it's at the next drain and refill, there will be a marked reduction in foam because the plumbing should already be somewhat clean.

Fred H.
Spa Flush

Used often as we can’t use chemicals. Very effective.

William L.
I use this every time I do a water change

I believe it increases the life of my hot tub