Scumball Scum Absorber 2-Pack

Scumball Scum Absorber 2-Pack

Scumball Scum Absorber 2-Pack

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Scumballs float in your spa or pool to absorb body oils, inanimate scum & lotion residues. Use together with ecoTUB Scum Buster to eliminate that nasty scum line from your hot tub.

  • Foam rubber
  • Use with ecoTUB Scum Buster
  • Twin Pack

Product notes: Keep spares on hand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Works great, last quite a while.

Works great. To me they work better and last longer than the Scum Bug version of the same thing.

It's a ball, and it absorbs scum! It's a scumball!

Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Soaks up any oil floating from sunscreen, salves etc and keeps the water much nicer.

James Carr
It got sucked into the heater element!

I was cleaning the filter basket when the circulation pump came on and the ball got sucked down the hole in the filter, even though it is twice the diameter of the hole.

Best Scum skimmers

Love that they brought back the terry cloth like exterior. Drop one of these in the tub and i don't have to worry about a film line. When it's starts to sink toss and drop in a new one.

Em Cer
I love them!

If you have a bigger hot tub; you need to use 2 balls to keep the edge of hot tub nice & clean. When they start to look dirty-throw them in the washing machine then back to hot tub!

I keep extras on hand

These are great, they definitely grab whats floating on the surface of our hottub . They do eventually get water logged and wringing them out doesn't help them anymore, so have to replace them with new.

Spa scumballs

So glad to see these come back. It didn't like it when the foam was exposed. Looks much cleaner with the white soft material over the foam ball. Thank you!

Scum balls

I bought 4 packages of these. They turned brown the first day in fresh and balanced water that no one had used yet.

Great product

I purchased these after I got my hot tub and was left with a scum ring around the waterline. I haven't had a problem since I started using them.

Douglas Thede
This product is NOT GOOD!

Within 1 day of using our new scumball our water had small blue sticky balls floating in the water and the submerged part of the scumball was dark yellow. We had just changed the water and added a brand new Clarathon filter that week. We have used a scumball for years with no issues and really just thought we wanted a newer one, but they have apparently changed them. The new scumball is just soft foam with no terry cloth outer surface like our old one. After cleaning our tub of the gross stickly blue balls we checked the filter and it was dissolving and unusable. I normally rotate between two filters and thoroughly clean one and let it dry when I install the clean dry one. Now my filter which was brand new the week before is unusable, uncleanable and I need to order new filters again.