O-Ring Gasket 1.5" (2-3/8"OD) - 2-Pack

O-Ring Gasket 1.5" (2-3/8"OD) - 2-Pack
O-Ring Gasket 1.5" (2-3/8"OD) - 2-Pack
O-Ring Gasket 1.5" (2-3/8"OD) - 2-Pack
O-Ring Gasket 1.5" (2-3/8"OD) - 2-Pack

O-Ring Gasket 1.5" (2-3/8"OD) - 2-Pack

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O-ring Gaskets for 1.5" pump and heater union tailpieces. Featuring a gasket and O-ring molded into a single piece. Design is superior to plain O-ring, for drip-free seal.

  • 1-1/2" O-ring Gaskets
  • Measures 2-3/8" O.D.
  • 2-Pack

Product notes: Chemically-resistant polymer.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Worked great. Fast and easy to purchase and shipping

perfect fit !

solved my gasket problem; great product!

Corwin Mabery
The product worked great.

It worked perfectly.

Ex spa repair tech
Best for everything spa related-Knowledge, price and service

o-ring gaskets fit the 1.5 inch heater union tail-piece and make a seal better than an o-ring by itself. when a heater union is older or overtightened, the plastic collar will crack. just a small crack will make it leak around just the o-ring. this o-ring gasket adds the extra gasket face that will seal that crack without having to change the heater union. saves time, money and back work. Also, if a repair is made to re-plumbing an existing or new spa pack and the heater union and tail-piece is a little short/gap, this could be the difference between making a pro repair look like an amateur did it. **Changed a heater housing on a 1992 vita spa model elan DX spa pack from the no longer available long housing to the short housing (PURCHASED AT SPA DEPOT). even with careful measurements, a slip/cemented fitting came up 1/8 inch short on the heater union/tail-piece connector. it lasted many years with too much heat and stress till it cracked from age and heat. was not leaking but i am not going to fill it with-out this simple inexpensive o-ring gasket. it will guarantee a water tight seal. thanks spa depot. i tell all my friends and strangers about you. you are the best.

Have bought several plus other things

Staff is very helpful and knows the products.

I will but all my supples from SpaDepot

Easy to install and works GREAT. Excellent tech support with Ryan. Now if I could just find a quick fix for the leak in one of the pipes without having to repipe the entire spa!

Jim O
O-ring gasket worked as advertized

Surprised they asked to review the gasket packaged along with pump. Both worked fine and were delivered in a timely fashion.

Simple item solves problem

These seals make an easy job of leak free connections.

Kari Gondry
worked great!

Glad I included the recommended O rings for my new pump install. Customer service was great and everything recommended fit perfectly.

Spa Motor/Pump

Gave SpaDepot a picture of my Spa motor/pump...they matched it, fair price, Fast Shipping..Highly Recommended