Hot Tub Cleaning & Detailing Supplies Kit

Hot Tub Cleaning & Detailing Supplies Kit

Hot Tub Cleaning & Detailing Supplies Kit

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Use the Cleaning & Detailing Supplies Kit to keep your spa looking and performing like new. Clean and polish shell. Flush grime from jets & plumbing. Refresh filters. Beautify and UV-protect cover.

  • Spa System Flush 16 oz.
  • ecoTUB Spa Clean for surfaces 16 oz.
  • Power Soak filter deep cleaner 1 lb.
  • 303 Protectant for cabinet or vinyl cover 10 oz.
  • 303 Outdoor Fabric Guard 16 oz.
  • Gel Gloss shell cleaner & polish 8 oz.
  • ecoTUB Instant Filter Spray cleaner 16 oz.
  • ZorbO Floating Oil Scum Absorber
  • Spaange safe scrubber/applicator 2-Pack

Product notes: Money-saving kit price.

Hot Tub Cleaning Kit - Quick Start Guide 

Cleaning Tips

  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Norm Lavin
I would buy this again and again

Perfect kit for my spa


Great products


Complete and useful!

Perfect starter kit

It was great getting everything discounted in one!

Buy again

Quick delivery

So far, so great!

Used the spa cleaner to wipe away ""bath tub ring"", worked like a charm. Will use other products next year when we open the tub again for the 2021 season.

Very useful and affordable

I purchased this kit to do my semi-annual deep-clean on our ThermoSpas hot tub. This kit was perfect. The system flush worked incredibly well, within minutes it generated a fair amount of foam with streaks of yellow and green with all of the junk being flushed out of the lines. The only product I had to use not in the kit was a foam reducer. Otherwise, when I drained the spa, the bottom would have been full of the foam and I would have had to manually remove it. Once drained, the spa cleaner worked very well at removing light scale and build up from our hard water. The shell polish worked beautifully as did the spa cover reconditioner. When I got done, it really looked like a new spa. Note--after refilling the spa and turning the motors on again, a lot of white chucks of scale were pushed out of the lines into the tub. Luckily, I had a pool net available and was able to scoop all of that out. The other products will come in handy when I am cleaning the filters. I highly recommend this kit. If I were to buy all of the products separately, I easily would have spent twice as much. Another suggestion--if your spa does not completely drain (mine does not) you might want to invest in a battery operated siphon pump (about $20) that will get the remaining water out of the bottom of the spa.

Grandpa Ed
Excellent Cleaning Kit

It's an almost complete package for most of my spa maintenance needs

Thumbs up!

I've use several of the items in the package and they all worked great! I was in disbelief at the amount of crud the SeaKlear system flush brought out in just minutes! If you have a spa you need this.

Great stuff

Repaired my hot tub and did a clean