pH Perfect Balance for Hot Tubs

pH Perfect Balance for Hot Tubs
pH Perfect Balance for Hot Tubs
pH Perfect Balance for Hot Tubs

pH Perfect Balance for Hot Tubs

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Use pH Perfect Balance for Hot Tubs to lock-in pH and put an end to annoying fluctuations. Just one treatment keeps pH in control and eliminates the need for weekly spa water chemistry adjustments.

  • Stops pH drift
  • 32 oz bottle - treats 500 gallons

Product notes: Temporary haze is normal and clears after several filtration cycles. Not for use with hard water (over 150 ppm calcium). Guaranteed to equal or outperform Leisure Time pH Balance Plus, Spa Guard Sentry, Control the pH, Robarb Perfect pH.

Customer Reviews

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I made the mistake of adding calcium booster before using this. This stuff solidified every bit of calcium and coated EVERYTHING chalky white. Gummed up the filter, calcium deposits on jets, every tub surface, and coated heater element white. Descaler did not help. Had to drain tub, remove heater element, every single jet and control, and wash tub and jets in CLR. If you added any calcium booster, DO NOT USE! The pic is of the heater element. Every jet and tub surface looked the same.

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you had with this product. pH Perfect Balance is designed to work best in water with less than 150ppm calcium hardness. Additionally, we always suggest checking water hardness before adding this product. If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

David D.
PH Perfect Balance

Great product - works as advertised!!

Cathy E.
Good Stuff!!

I've been using this for years and it works great. Replace water in hot tub every 3 months, and put this in with each replacement cycle.

William J.

In my application with well water with a high calcium content this product works well to help balance the water chemistry.

Claudia S.
So far, so good!

Just recently cleaned and re-filled my spa. Added the product and after a few weeks the pH is at the perfect level. Will be keeping an eye on the pH level in my spa to see if it continues to stay where it should be, but so far, so good! *Sweepstakes*

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