Ozone Test Kit

Ozone Test Kit
Ozone Test Kit "is your spa ozone generator producing ozone?"

Ozone Test Kit

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Ozone Test Kit checks hot tub ozonator effectiveness. Research shows that up to 60% are generating insufficient or no ozone, even if making bubbles. Test yours to be sure.

  • 30-second hot tub ozonator tester
  • Blue media turns white if ozone is sufficient

Product notes: If test shows no ozone output (media remains blue) it may be re-used within 1 year. Kit contains 1 ozone detection ampoule, clear connection tubing, and easy instructions.

Ozone Test Instructions

  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Puzzling results

Installed new ozonator, then ran the test. Blue granules in tube were supposed to turn white in 30 seconds if unit is producing adequate ozone. After 3 minutes half of the granules had turned white. No way to know which is defective--the new ozonator, or the test kit.

I will buy again...

I installed a new ozonator on my jacuzzi in this confirmed it was working properly

I would definately buy this product again and again.

The Ozonator does its own thing when the tub is filtering. If it is on low speed it emits a small steady stream of O3 into the water. If it is on high the stream of O3 is much more intense and you can see the bubbles breaking on top as though it were carbonated water fixing. We love it!!!

resort manager
I would buy this again


Competitive prices and quick service

I have found Spa Depot prices very competitive and their service in answering question I have from time to time as very reliable. A reliable source for spa needs! Dan

Byron G.
Test Kit works well

This was the first ozone test kit I found that was affordable. This kit worked well, was reasonably priced, and I received within 4 days of ordering.

Michael G.
Worked Fine - Could have used video

The product worked fine, once I figured how to use it. The instructions were poor. An online video would have really helped me. In order for this product to work you must have one end attached to the ozonator and the other end attached to the tube coming from the connection to the circulation pump. It took me a while to figure that out because the tube on the inside remained blue, until I made the correct attachments. Again, an online YouTube video link in the instructions or on your website would have saved me frustration.

No complaints no problem no ozone!

Works exactly as advertised. Showed that the ozonator was dead. Bought and put in new replacement ozonator and was able to use the same test to confirm the new one works becaues the test turned from blue to white.

Very helpful

This product seems to be the only one of its kind. Confirmed my suspicion that my ozone generator was not working. Installed new Ozone generator on the same test and the test turned white. Great product.

Excelent Check

My spa is about a year old. It seemed like the ozone generator quit working at about 6 months. The manufacturer kept telling me if the light is on then it was working even after multiple calls. I called them with the results of this test and they are sending me a warranty replacement today. Well worth the cost!