Spa Leak Sealer 16 oz.

Spa Leak Sealer 16 oz.
Spa Leak Sealer 16 oz.
Spa Leak Sealer 16 oz.

Spa Leak Sealer 16 oz.

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Spa Leak Sealer fixes minor plumbing leaks, hairline shell cracks, and small holes up to 1/8" diameter. Ideal anti-leak for inaccessible or hard-to-find hot tub water drips.

  • Easily fixes most slow leaks
  • No need to drain spa
  • 16 oz. bottle

Product notes: Concentrated formula guraranteed to equal or outperform Marlig Fix-a-Leak, Seal-a-Leak, Leisure Time Leak Seal. (Leaky pump seals must be replaced.)

Customer Reviews

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J Hall
It works

I had a leak in my 360 gal Spa. It was leaking about 1/4 cup a day and I think it was coming from the pipe that runs from my filter to the pump. In any case, I removed the filter and poured 3 oz of the leak sealer in the filter bay and ran the pump for 6 hours with the water temperature at ~100F. I did this three times to make triple sure that I sealed the leak. It looks like the leak is now at least 90% sealled. I do still see a small amount of wetness just barely seeping out from the base of the spa. I'm not sure if there still has a small leak, or whether it is still drying out. But I'm pretty happy with the results either way as the spa repair people said it would cost me about $1000+ for them to fix.

Bob Conway
Didn't work.

My 225 gallon spa was losing maybe 1/8 inch of water every two weeks and after trying spa leak sealer a couple of times, I saw no decrease of water lose.☹️

Randy Ham

The leak sealer worked wonderful, one treatment sealed the slow leak<

Andrew Clemence .Jr

Spa Leak Sealer 16 oz.

James L. Veit
Hot Tub sealer

The sealer works pretty good