Spa Leak Sealer 16 oz.

Spa Leak Sealer 16 oz.
Spa Leak Sealer 16 oz.
Spa Leak Sealer 16 oz.

Spa Leak Sealer 16 oz.

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Spa Leak Sealer fixes minor plumbing leaks, hairline shell cracks, and small holes up to 1/8" diameter. Ideal anti-leak for inaccessible or hard-to-find hot tub water drips.

  • Easily fixes most slow leaks
  • No need to drain spa
  • 16 oz. bottle

Product notes: Concentrated formula guraranteed to equal or outperform Marlig Fix-a-Leak, Seal-a-Leak, Leisure Time Leak Seal. (Leaky pump seals must be replaced.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 264 reviews
James L. Veit
Hot Tub sealer

The sealer works pretty good

Rand Brown
So far, so good!

It took care of my leak!


After 1 dose, it worked great for about three weeks. It has started leaking again very slow, I will use the leak sealer again. the directions do say you may to have to use additional doses.

I would purchase this product again

At 7am added 2.25 oz to 300 gal Sundance Spa. Water temp was 101. Ran pump on high speed for 5 hours. Leak slowed but was not stopped added additional 2.25 oz and ran pump for 7 hours. Let spa rest over night. On the morning of the second day leak was still showing so added 3 oz and by 1 pm about 6 hours leak had stopped. Ran the pump on low speed til about 7 pm then let the entire system rest at a temp of 102. The following morning leak was gone. Without this product I would have to un-skirt the spa or lift it up to look underneath for leaks. I've used it in the past and will continue to use it in the future. Bottom line ""it works"".

Crimson tide
Stop Leak

Took a couple applications, the key to success - once you circulate yr spa for 8-10 hours - it's important to just shut down yr spa for a day. I have a continuous running circulate pump so not turning my spa complete power down did not allow it to work!

Kyle Gettman
Works excellent, but I did 3 treatments.

I ended up doing 3 treatments and it did work. I was adding water every other day, losing about 3-4 inches. But did a whole water change afterward. So far so good!

I would try it again

It didn't work, we followed the instructions carefully, I do not blame this product.

i hope i don't need it again But i do recommend it

i have a 30 year old hot tub that started leaking at aplace i couldn't get at and getting a professional to come look at it is nearly impossible. so as a last resort i tried this product and so far it has worked


I was losing 1/2 of water a day and this stuff did the trick. Saved my 32 year old Hot Springs tub for another season.

I would buy this again

I used this as directed