Power Soak Filter Cleaner

Power Soak Filter Cleaner
Power Soak Filter Cleaner
Power Soak Filter Cleaner
Power Soak Filter Cleaner

Power Soak Filter Cleaner

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Power Soak is the fast-acting, granular deep-cleaner for pleated hot tub & pool filter cartridges. Nothing removes dirt & grime better. Added enzymes devour body oils & lotion residues. Can't cause spa water foaming, as do household cleaners & degreasers!

  • Economical - enough for 4 filter cleanings
  • Non-foaming, Enzyme Active
  • 1 lb. bottle

Product notes: Dissolve just 1/2 cup in bucket of hot or cold water (hot water reduces soak time).

Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Kirk M.
Great product!

I have been using Power Soak for a number of years now, and totally satisfied with results.

stephanie e.

Great product works great...

Dan i.N.V.

I have used other brands and even used DIY home stuff that I found on the internet. I feel this stuff is very good and will continue to use it. I keep my filters CLEAN and maybe over do it. I know my filters are clean and my hot tub water is clean. I have been using their chemicals for years now with no issues. When I order, I get mostly the price point on ordering bulk of an item. Sure I have a big bill , but I have stock and good pricing and good products.

Robert W.
Worked well, no soapy residue

I filled the bucket with hot water and dropped the dirty filter in, I turned the filter over several hours later and let it soak overnight. I flushed the filter using a spray nozzle on the hose and was amazed at the dirt flushed out of the filter.

Once done the filter looked new. Once back in the hot tub I saw no suds or surface film resulting from the product. Overall the product worked extremely well.

John C.
Great stuff


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