Lazy Lifter - Undermount Spa Cover Lift

Lazy Lifter - Undermount Spa Cover Lift
Lazy Lifter - Undermount Spa Cover Lift
Lazy Lifter - Undermount Spa Cover Lift
Lazy Lifter - Undermount Spa Cover Lift
Lazy Lifter - Undermount Spa Cover Lift
Lazy Lifter - Undermount Spa Cover Lift

Lazy Lifter - Undermount Spa Cover Lift

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Lazy Lifter Spa Cover Lift is an economy, medium-duty design. No drilling of spa cabinet is necessary. Has slide-under plates to keep it securely in place. Adjustable for spas 6' to 8' wide.

  • Slide-under plates - no drilling of spa or deck
  • Strong steel construction - no aluminum
  • Padded grips

Product notes: Not for round or octagon shapes. Power drill/driver needed for tube assembly. Needs only 5" side clearance, and 21-23" rear clearance. Drain spa before placing slide-under plates.

Lazy Lifter Spa Cover Lift Instructions


Type: Pivot - Medium Duty

Mounting: Slide-under mounting plates

Max Cover Width: 96"

Ok for In-Deck Spas: No

Clearance Required: Rear: 23" / Side: 5"

Shape Limitations: Not for round or octagon spas

Warranty: 12 Month Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Steve B.
Couldn't get this to work

I was unable to get this item to work despite watching videos and reviewing the instructions. I changed the configuration but never could get this to open fully using a spa depot cover which also was new. I ended up having to dispose of the lift and replace it with a Covermate 1 at considerable expense. I rated the item a two in the event the lack of performance was related to me. I cannot recommend this item.

I'm sorry you had trouble getting our Lazy Lifter to work. We always strive to provide clear instructions and helpful videos, but we understand that sometimes things can be tricky. If you ever need any assistance with our products in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We value your feedback and will consider it for future improvements.

Good concept, flawed design.

Disappointing Durability: A Review of [Hot Tub Cover Lifter]

I've had the unfortunate experience of purchasing the Lazy Lifter - Undermount Spa Cover Lift not once, but twice within less than two years, and the results have been consistently disappointing.

The initial purchase seemed promising, but my optimism was short-lived. Shortly after installation, the right pivot arm began to show signs of strain, eventually succumbing to pressure and bending just above the support bar. This structural failure not only rendered the lifter ineffective but also raised concerns about its overall durability.

Hoping that the first instance was just bad luck, I reluctantly decided to give the Lazy Lifter another chance. However, my faith in its reliability was shattered when, less than three months after installing the second unit, the exact same issue occurred—this time on the left side.

To compound the frustration, the failure of the left pivot arm resulted in significant damage to the cover itself. The force exerted by the malfunctioning lifter tore the seam at the spine of the cover, exposing the insulated material beneath.

As someone who values quality and longevity in their purchases, the repeated failures of the Lazy Lifter have left me thoroughly disappointed. Not only have I invested time and money into this product, but the inconvenience of having to replace it twice within such a short timeframe is simply unacceptable.

I cannot in good conscience recommend the Lazy Lifter to others. While it may initially seem like a convenient solution, its lack of durability and propensity for structural failure make it a poor investment in the long run. Buyers beware.

Picture 1: Undamaged right side
Picture 2 & 3: Damaged pivot arm -- steel arms bent = failed Lazy Lifter

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the Lazy Lifter. We take all customer feedback seriously and will review the design of the Lazy Lifter to address these issues. Our customer service team will contact you shortly with a resolution.

Spa Cover Lifter

Assembly was easy and the cover raises easily.
The lifted cover does not hang past the edge of spa so I had to move the base outward so as the cover hangs more perpendicular to the spa

Steve B.
not so easy of a lifter

have not been pleased with item since installed. Doesn't lift cover up easily or readily

It sounds like the lifter may need to be adjusted slightly. I'm having our customer care department reach out to help get this lifter working properly.

Very good design

Easy to install. Makes it easy for just about anyone to open then cover using this. My kids simply pull back the one side then get in and push cover the rest of them way off. Great but.

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