HydroMaster Pump for Jacuzzi­® Sundance® Spas 6500-352 - 1Spd 56Fr 240V

HydroMaster Pump for Jacuzzi­® Sundance® Spas 6500-352 - 1Spd 56Fr 240V
HydroMaster Pump for Jacuzzi­® Sundance® Spas 6500-352 - 1Spd 56Fr 240V
HydroMaster Pump for Jacuzzi­® Sundance® Spas 6500-352 - 1Spd 56Fr 240V
HydroMaster Pump for Jacuzzi­® Sundance® Spas 6500-352 - 1Spd 56Fr 240V
HydroMaster Pump for Jacuzzi­® Sundance® Spas 6500-352 - 1Spd 56Fr 240V
HydroMaster Pump for Jacuzzi­® Sundance® Spas 6500-352 - 1Spd 56Fr 240V

HydroMaster Pump for Jacuzzi­® Sundance® Spas 6500-352 - 1Spd 56Fr 240V

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This HydroMaster High Performance Pump is a direct replacement for 2009 and newer Sundance® Spas & Jacuzzi Spas® LX 56-frame pump, OEM #6500-352 & 6500-365. You cannot buy a better replacement pump at any price.

  • 1-speed - 56-frame motor
  • 2.5 HP (4 BHP)

Product notes: Refer to wiring photo above. Direct replacement for LX 56WUA400-I, 6500-352 & 6500-365, 6500-367. Use your existing 56-Frame motor mount bracket. Refer to More Info and Specifications tabs below for additional application data and cross references. Sundance®  and Jacuzzi­­® are registered trademarks of Jacuzzi Brands, LLC.

Pump Wiring & Voltage Setup Instructions

Voltage: 220-240V

Speed: 1-speed: 3450 RPM

Horsepower: 2.5 HP (4 BHP)

Amperage: 12A

Gallons Per Minute: 240 GPM

Frame Size: 56 Frame

Intake: 2” plumbing (3” O.D. pump threads)

Discharge: 2” plumbing (3” O.D. pump threads)

Discharge Type: Side

Wet End Discharge Orientation: Top (can easily be rotated)

Overall Length: 16.5”

Warranty: 12 Month Limited Warranty

Cross References

Note: These references are based on the best available information, but accuracy cannot be guaranteed because manufacturers make frequent, undocumented parts changes. Verify your old pump's frame size and other specifications.  A 56 frame pump will not fit correctly into an unmodified 48 frame bracket.

LX WUA400-I, 6500-352

Used on the following Sundance® Spa Models:

Aspen, June 2009+ (uses 2)
Altamar, 2012+ (uses 2)
Bristol, 2017+ (uses 2)
Cameo, August 2008+ (uses 2)
Capri, January 2009+
Chelsee, May 2010+ (Pump #2)
Claremont, 2017+ (uses 2)
Edison, 2013+,  (Pump #2)
Hamilton, May 2010+ (Pump #2)
Hanover, 2017+ (uses 2)
Hartford, May 2010+ (Pump #2)
Hawthorne, May 2010+ (Pump #2)
Kingston, 2017+ (uses 2)
Majesta, June 2009+ (uses 2)
Marin, January 2009+ (uses 2)
McKinley, June 2014+ (Pump #2)
Montclair, April 2013+ (Pump #2)
Maxxus, 2009+ (uses 2) 
Optima, August 2008+ (uses 2)
Peyton, 2012+ (Pump #2)
Ramona, June 2014+ (Pump #2)
Victoria, 2011+ (Pump #2)

Used on the Following Jacuzzi® Spa Models:

J-XL, August 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-LXL, August 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-235, July 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-245, July 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-270, July 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-275, July 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-280, July 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-335, July 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-355, July 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-365, July 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-375, July 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-425, 2012+ (uses 2)
J-460, August 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-465, August 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-470, August 2010+ (Pump #2)
J-480, August 2010+ (pump #2)
J-495, 2012+ (uses 2)

Horsepower Ratings

Choosing a pump based on Horsepower (HP) can be misleading. The horsepower listed in your spa manual or on old pump's label may be overinflated, inaccurate, or even left blank. Horsepower ratings are often listed as Break Horsepower (BHP), which is not the same as continuous horsepower. 

To avoid choosing the incorrect pump, use the Amperage rating listed on the old pump's label to find the correct replacement instead of the horsepower.

Determining Spa Pump Plumbing Size

Pump plumbing sizes are nominal and not actual outside diameter (O.D.) of the threaded intake or discharge. Use a tape measure and check the diameter of your old pump thread size.

  • 1.5” Pump thread measures approx. 2-3/8” O.D.
  • 2.0” Pump thread measures approx. 3” O.D. (this pump)
  • 2.5” Pump thread measures approx. 3-5/8”

Orientation of Wet End

This pump is designed to be easily rotated in your existing bracket. Pump wet ends can also be oriented in 90º increments to meet your installation requirements. Loosen the four through-bolts from the back of the motor and pull them back enough to disengage. Then rotate the wet end to the desired position realign and re-tighten the bolts. 

Motor Frame Size

The physical size of the pump motor is referred to as frame. Spa main pumps will have a size of either 48 frame, which are approx. 5.5" diameter, or 56 frame, which are approx. 6.5" diameter. This pump is 56-frame size.

Since motor manufacturers do not label frame size consistently, you should determine a motor's frame size by measuring the spacing between the through-bolts on the back of the motor. Bolt spacing on a 48 frame motor will be less than 4 inches. A 56 frame motor's bolts will be spaced more than 4 inches apart.

Note: Because of their lower cost and compact size, most spa pumps in service are 48 frame. The larger 56 frame motors are a little more expensive and somewhat stronger. They tend to operate a bit cooler than 48 frame units, which can mean longer service life.

  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
perfect fit replacement part

I ordered this using the existing part numbers and received the exact replacement part. Installed it myself.

I will do business with them anytime!

They provided the perfect part in just a few days!

Easily Installed and worked.

Easily installed and worked. Spa Depot support helped be sure I had the right pump

Merced Pools Inc
I wold recommend this pump, perfect fit

Spa parts are not easily found and I am very happy with Spa Depot always helping us figure out the right part and it arrives quickly!

Always confident buying products from SpaDepot!

After patient guidance from sales person Sundance tub is up and running after pump replaced. Received order very quickly.

SD Hamster
I would buy this pump again

Fit perfectly as a replacement pump for the original Jacuzzi pump

Definitely buy again, hopefully not needed though.

I replaced my motor in the hot tub. Fit perfectly.

Perfect fit for 2009 Sundance Optima 6500-352 pump

I just bought a home with a 10 yr old hot tub to find out there was just a little water in it and the head rests rotted, really not a good sign. I had pool tech stop by to check out the tub and tell me what needed fixed to get it operational. He found a the heater and flow switch were both cracked. He didn't really check to see if the pump were bad, but after a few days of watching the water level go down, I decided to investigate myself. I could see the water around the bottom of the pumps and found water seeping out of the bottom of the wet end of the jet pumps. The older pumps actually ran, it was just that the plastic wet ends ended up being cracked. Temps can go arctic here in Central PA and it probably happened because it was not drained one winter and simply shut off causing all the damage. If you've already investigated your older pump, odds are they don't see the parts you need, so getting a new one is probably the only option. So I decided to tackle the pump replacements due to me being so cheap and knowing how much the tech's would charge to do the swap. After some investigating and price checking, SpaDepot.com came to my rescue, so I replaced both jet pumps with the Hydromaster pumps. Both pumps are perfect replacements for the old hot tub and not a leak with zero issues with my install. Stop by your local box store to get an oil filter removal tool to make the new pump job swap a snap.

Hot tub
I would purchase this product again.

Exactly what I needed. Received the order promptly.

Doesn't fit!!!

It was supposed to fit my single speed pump for Jacuzzi j-365 spa. It doesn't and I'm still struggling to get it to work!