Belize Water Seat Spa Booster Cushion

Belize Water Seat Spa Booster Cushion
anti-buoyancy feature - separate pouch for washed ballast
Belize Water Seat Spa Booster Cushion
zippered bottom
carry strap

Belize Water Seat Spa Booster Cushion

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Belize Water Seat is the comfortable spa cushion and a perfect booster seat for kids or shorter adults. Also ideal for wood hot tubs, and soft tubs with floor seating. Has handles for easy removal or hanging to dry, and a machine-washable outer cover.

  • Soft comfortable core - great for aquatic exercise
  • Outer cover un-zips for easy machine washing
  • Side handle straps - water drains when removed

Product notes: 15"W x 12"L x 5"H. Inner compartment may be weighted with washed pea gravel if desired, to prevent buoyancy when not in use. Best value - compare to Water Brick.

  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Hot tub or boat works like a charm

We bought one for the hot tub to give a boost to the shorter folks. After adding about a pound of marbles from the craft store it works like a charm. Also bought one to use as a booster seat on the boat, added about 3 layers or dense foam to bolster it up a bit and now I'm not looking through the top bar of the windshield. 10/10 would buy again if I needed one.

Great product, but extra work is required.

Fortunately, I read the reviews and followed what others said about getting the cushion to work. You will need to use something for added weight, e.g. pea-sized pebbles (thats what I used)..or marbles and distribute evenly in the black pouches. I also double-bagged before inserting in the black pouches because I was using pebbles and am avoiding any leak. Put in the hot tub and let sit overnight. THEN, it will work! Note: only 2-3 pounds will work, seriously. The only reason I left off one star is due to the required added work ;)

Not that impressed

Problem is it does not stay down in hot tub. It wants to float. If your not heavy enough , impossible to sit on!

Spa queen
Great seat

I bought the same seat for twice the price Last year. I fill the black three section pouch with 3 bags of marbles from the dollar store. One bag per section. It takes around 24 hrs to sink down in the hot tub. Much better than other booster seats

Booster Cushion Not as pictured

This booster cushion does not boost at all. Picture is totally deceptive. When you sit on the cushion it flattens like a pancake. Totally worthless as so called booster.


We purchased the booster seat to elevate my wife as she sat in the lounger seat but we were unable to get it to work correctly. Despite our efforts of putting weights in the cushion's lining, it would not keep from floating. I tried to remove all air from the cushion as I sat on it myself and it still lifted me off the seat .. despite the added weight it just wouldn't keep from floating to the surface. Spa Depot was kind enough to offer in-store credit for my unfortunate experience with this product.

Therapy relieved!
Boost me up!

I'm short and not sure why the review aren't all 5 ⭐️ It is just like the picture looked to me and I say even the best price. Would recommend anyone needing a height get it, try it I know short people like me love it!!

Good son
Not what I expected

Bought this for my elderly parent to use to sit on in her walk-in tub. Expected it to boost her up by 5 inches like the model in the ad. It squashes down by several inches, but is better than nothing. Seems to be well made and shipping was very quick.

Joe M.
Perfect for children and short

Perfect for children and short individuals.

Shayla G.
Booster cushion

I luv my booster cushion, i use it for driving. I can see myself ordering another in the near future. Thanks at first i could barely see the curb to park my car.