CuLator Spa-Pak Hot Tub Metal & Stain Eliminator

CuLator Spa-Pak Hot Tub Metal & Stain Eliminator
CuLator Spa-Pak Hot Tub Metal & Stain Eliminator
CuLator Spa-Pak Hot Tub Metal & Stain Eliminator

CuLator Spa-Pak Hot Tub Metal & Stain Eliminator

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Drop CuLator Spa Pak into your skimmer to eliminate blue, green, yellow, brown hot tub mineral discoloration, and prevent stains. Acts like a sponge to absorb and trap dissolved metals.

  • Enjoy crystal clear, metal-free spa water.
  • Use with all sanitizers & salt systems
  • Ideal for well-water users

Product notes: For maximum effectiveness, use together with Metal Stain Preventer, Chitosan Natural Clarifier, and PreFresh fill filter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
I would buy this product again

I have a 9 seater hot tub and use well water. Added chemicals as per dealers instructions. Water balanced but started looking like pea soup. I added the CuLator Spa pack to the hot tub. I reduced the amount of chemicals. I was using bromine tablets. I was going to drain tub but decided to wait a bit. Within 6 weeks the water was no longer green. Thank you.

Tracey L.
This gadget works

We live in an area with very hard water. Our spa water turned green, but it was still clear. Definitely not algae. I looked up the cause and this solution was recommended. When we drained, cleaned and refilled the tub, I added this to the spa. The water remains clean and clear. (Of course, I still have to chlorinate, check pH and all that stuff, but this is a good addition to our maintenance routine.

Excellent way to get metal out of water!

This product is awesome! I got it last year as freebie or offered a discounted price to try. I did, and am so impressed! I fill my hot tub with well water that has very high iron. The water has a definite yellow tint. Instead of having to dump a large quantity of liquid metal remover product, I simply throw this is and boom! The water is clear! I definitely recommend this product to anyone that has hard water and is on the fence about purchasing. It is worth every penny.

Worked in no time to take mineral coloring out of the water.

Wish I would have ordered 2!

CuLator SpaPak is the BEST answer to eliminating iron

It is absolutely the best. It lasts 6 months just as described and the water is crystal clear. I have been using CuLator for two years now. Prior I was pouring bottle after bottle of stain and mineral remover into the hot tub.