Clarathon Antimicrobial Threaded Filter FC0136M

Clarathon Antimicrobial Threaded Filter FC0136M
1 and one half inch nominal fine thread measures 1 and seven eighths inches from thread to thread

Clarathon Antimicrobial Threaded Filter FC0136M

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Diameter:Filter cartridge diameter (width) is measured across the outside edges of the end cap at its widest point.4-3/4"
Length:Length is measured from the outside edge of end cap to end cap, not including any handles, threads or slip fittings. 8-1/8"
Bottom:Outer Diameter (OD) of threads measures approx. 1-7/8.1-1/2" Fine Thread
Media:25 SFAntimicrobial Blue Antimicrobial Media inhibits the growth of bacteria on the pleated fabric that can foul and degrade a cartridge.

Premium replacement for:

Pleatco:Pleatco part numbers start with a "P" like "PWW100ST".PDM25P4-M
Filbur:Filbur part numbers start with an "FC-" like "FC-0360".FC-0136M
filtercatspecsDiameter:4-3/4"Length:8-1/8" Top: HandleBottom:1-1/2" Fine ThreadSurface Area:25 SF Part Numbers:PDM25P4-M, FC-0136M,

Customer Reviews

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almost right but not quite for old softub

Filter size is right what I was looking for, but this bottom threading is different than the other clarathon filters with the the 1 1/2""MPT threading thanks to the extra lip ring at the base where it connects to the filter. This is frustratingly just enough of a protrusion to prevent the threads being able to grab inside the drain to hold it in place. Other models with this measurement seem to be longer threaded portions without that extra collar and thread in deeply enough to grip but this one is unable to grab unless I shave off the plastic around that ring portion. Guardian brand filters are the same size with the proper fitting, but I prefer the clarathon material. This means I will have to use a different size that is either slightly thicker or longer or switch to the regular filters without the blue upgrade in order to properly thread despite having the same measurements on the MPT. Effectively, the threaded part isn't long enough to reach the threads in the hole thanks to the collar at the base, or this would be the one I would choose. I wish I could figure out where I had gotten the other blue filters that properly screwed in


Works ok, it isn't as long as the one I removed. I wish it was a few inches longer just so it could clean a little more. Your site says the one you sent me was supposed to be exact but I guess it will work.


Fits better than original

edward w.
ed wolfe

works great better then all others