Bromine Hot Tub Supplies Kit

Bromine Hot Tub Supplies Kit

Bromine Hot Tub Supplies Kit

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Start-up and maintain any spa with the Bromine Hot Tub Supplies Kit. Bromine tablets & floating dispenser, all water balance chemicals, shock, clarifier, test strips, metal reducer, bromine booster, and ZorbO oil scum absorber are included.

  • Bromine Tablets 1.5 lbs.
  • Floating Bromine Dispenser Feeder
  • Bromine Booster 1 lb.
  • Oxy Spa non-chlorine shock 1.5 lbs.
  • ZorbO Oil Scum Absorber
  • Alkalinity & pH Up 1 lb.
  • Alkalinity & pH Down 1.5 lbs.
  • Hardness Booster 14 oz.
  • Metal Stain Preventer 16 oz.
  • Chitosan Natural Clarifier 16 oz.
  • Bromine 4-in1 Test Strips 50 ct.

Product notes: Money-saving kit.

Bromine Spa Supplies Kit - Quick Start Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Lots of chemical choices

Bought this kit to convert my spa from chlorine to bromine. There were a lot more chemicals than I actually needed. Have your water checked first to see what you need. Bring in a sample of tap water.

Yes I will buy this product again

I use the bromine system because it is save to use for my family & my hot tub as well

I will never buy a start up kit again

Hard to read the test strip and know what to do with that information. Included things not needed, our part of the country has hard water and included in the start up was a product to increase hardness. Another product to reduce metal stains for only if you use well water. Should modify kit by based on specific needs and geographic location. Price was not cheap either.

I recommend this product to all new spa owners.

As a new owner, this kit has everything I need to maintain the water quality of my spa. It includes basic instructions on how to use each product. This kit is perfect for people who have never maintained a spa or pool.

Must buy package

We needed all start up products for our hot tub. The price for this package was outstanding and Is highly recommended it. We also received the package quickly with no problems.

Steven Pokrandt
I wish the spa dealer would have included this.

After getting this package all my problems went Alway. Easy to understand instructions. Much more info than I recieved from the spa dealer.


Worked as described

A lot of fluff, with some useful stuff

I would agree with a previous reviewer: most of this ""essential"" stuff could be done without. I use a couple products regularly and the rest will most likely never get used. Sadly, the test strips that came with the kit are useless. They appear to have gotten damp in shipment and dont test correctly. I buy from Spa Depot often, but wont be buying this particular ""kit"" again.


I use these for my hot tub, keeps it clean and clear

allen lastinger
good products, great customer service

Everything I needed to get up and going. Customer service was very helpful in locating my package after it wasn't delivered. USPS didn't deliver because one of the bottles was leaking but everything else in the box was ok. In less than a week I had a replacement bottle twice the size of the original. Much appreciated, you created a loyal customer