Balboa Circuit Board for VS501Z Control Systems - 54357-03

Balboa Circuit Board for VS501Z Control Systems - 54357-03

Balboa Circuit Board for VS501Z Control Systems - 54357-03

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This Balboa® printed circuit board (PCB) is for VS500 & VS501Z hot tub control systems. Supports a 2-speed primary pump, 1-speed secondary pump or a blower, optional circulation (circ) pump, ozonator/UVC, stereo & light/fiber optics.

  • Genuine OEM Board
  • Compatible with Lite Digital or Mini Oval Digital topside control keypads

Product Notes: Ozone and circ pump must be the same voltage. Part #54357-03 is the most recent version, and replaces older version 54357. Replaces obsolete VS500 circuit board. Balboa® circuit boards must be identified with the chip number and/or part number to guarantee the existing control keypad and other components will function. See below for associated part and chip numbers. Circuit boards are not returnable, but are covered under warranty.

How to Find Your Circuit Board Chip Number

Primary Pump Circuit: 2-Speed - 120V/240V

Secondary Pump -OR-
Blower Circuit:
1-Speed - 120V/240V

Light Circuit:12V Spa Light or 120V Fiber Optics

Ozone/UVC Circuit: 120V/240V

Circulation Pump Circuit:120V/240V

A/V Circuit:Stereo 120V/240V

Other Circuit(s)IR receiver circuit for remote

Compatible Control Keypad Type: Lite Digital, Mini Oval Digital

Compatible Keypad Part Numbers:51676, 52144, 52487, 54094, 55123

Chip Numbers: CS5100R1A, CS6200R1A, GVS501R1A, INF107R1A, MAS150, OC850R1A, SCS501R1A, SCS501R1B, SCS501R1C, TS500SR1A, TS500SR1B, TS500SR1C, VKV502R1A, VKV502R1B, VS240RR, VS240RR2A, VS240RR2B, VS240RR2C, VS501R1A, VS501R1B, VS501RR1B, VS501ZR1A, VS501ZR1B, VS501ZR1C, VS501ZR2A, VS501ZR2B, VS501ZR2C, VS501ZR2D, VZ501ZR2A, VZ501ZR2B, 100CR1A, 100CR1B, 100CR1C, 100DR1A, 100DR1B, 100DR1C, COB500R2A, CS6000R1A, FREE300R1A, GV5500R2B, GVS500R1A, GVS500R1B, GVS500R2A, GVS500R2B, KEYS1000R1A, KEYS100CR1B, KEYS100DR1A, KEYS100DR1B, LPI300AVR1A, MS360R1A, MS360R1B, MS360R1C, MVS500ZR2D, PVS500ZR1A, VKV300F4R1A, VKV500R1A, VS120RR2A, VS120RR2B, VS120RR2C, VS300AVR1A, VS300FL5R1A, VS300FL5R1B, VS300FL5R1C, VS300FLXR1A, VS500R1A, VS500R1B, VS500TM1R1A, VS500TM1R1B, VS500TM1R1C, VS500TM2R2A, VS500TM2R2B, VS500TM2R2C, VS500ZR2A, VS500ZR2B, VS500ZR2C, VS500ZR2D, VS612R1C

Cross Reference Numbers: 106983, 33-54357-K, 53609, 53989-01, 53991, 53991-01, 53991-02, 53991-03, 54294, 54294-01, 54343-01, 54357, 54357-01, 54357-02, 54357-03, 54357-2, 54381, 55033-01, 55033-02, 55036, 55191, 55228, 55372, 55405, 59-138-1683, ELE09100222, ELE09100223, ELE09907280, HQ0021, MS520, 103-983, 106-983, 33-0032B, 33-54369-K, 54359, 54369-01, 54369-02, 54369-03, 54604-01, 54646-01, 55032, 55032-01, 55032-02, 55140, 55506, 55507, 55929, 59005, 59-138-1680 ELE09100400, ELE09100411

Warranty: 1 year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

  IMPORTANT: Damage due to incorrect installation is not covered under warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Bill the walker

I used it to run my hot tub after l finally got it set it was ok it seems like it runs to much the tech was not nice but he did help

Exactly what I needed!

I had no clue where to find an older spa circut board that would be exactly like the one I have, but within 5 minutes of an email with pictures attached, I had an order placed! Exact fit and working great!

So far, so good!

This circuit board was really easy to install and did the trick when the heater on our hot tub wasn't working. Service was especially great in helping us to diagnose the problem. Thank you!

Good Purchase

This board replaced one where the high speed relay contacts welded together. Removed board and replaced relay, now we have a spare. Thank you, John

We are UP AND RUNNING and heating. THANX

We replaced the heater. That did not work. Taking out the electronic board showed a clear damage. We are up and running. THANK YOU>


Everything matched up perfectly. Had to re-route a couple wires but was able to use the old board as a template. Done in about a half hour

Fit perfect

Worked great

Jonathan Gonzalez
perfect fit

replaced a control panel after a burn up. these people are helpful and knowledgeable

Reliable Supplier

Repaired issues and hot tub is heating again.

Exact board but..

... it was not wired for my unit. Seemed like it was running on one leg. Customer service was excellent and directed me on how to fix it after reviewing the photos of the old unit. Definitely I would buy again.