How-To Guides | Use Your Spa in Summer - Cool Off in a Hot Tub

During the long, hot days of summer, hot tubbing might be the last thing on your mind. Many spa owners drain their hot tubs completely before hot weather arrives.

Why not enjoy your investment during sweaty summer months by turning it into a refreshing “cool” tub! After all, a relaxing massage at the end of a long hot day is just what the doctor ordered.

It is easy to do, and may actually save money.  

Cooling down your hot tub

To begin, turn the temperature down to its lowest setting, usually around 80°F. With the spa cover open and the temperature turned down, the water will quickly cool. 

If your hot tub sits in a sunny area, take the cover off at night. The cooler night air will reduce the water temperature.

Leaving the cover on during the day will help to keep the cool water cool. It will also protect the acrylic shell from UV rays. 

If the water still seems too warm, opened air control valves will further cool the water. Additionally, if your tub is equipped with an air blower, turn it on for an additional shot of cool air.

“Cool” tub water maintenance is the same as a hot tub, so there’s no need to get any different chemicals.

Energy efficiency

“Cool” tubs do not need to use the heater, dramatically reducing operation costs. The tub will still run regular filtration cycles, keeping the tub clean and sanitary, but the savings will be noticeable.

If your spa control system has a sleep setting built into it, use it in the summer. This feature allows the heater to activate only when water temperature drops to less than 20° of the set temperature. Additionally, it will only activate during a filtration cycle. Very efficient when heating the water is not important.

Grab your favorite frosty beverage and enjoy your new backyard oasis! If you are feeling adventurous, add a bag of ice cubes to the water while you soak.

Now you are really chilling out!

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