How-To Guides | Alternative Sanitizers - Odor-free Options for your Spa

If you're currently using a conventional spa sanitizer such as bromine, and are happy with it, we won't suggest a change. But for those looking for an odor-free, yet highly effective alternative spa purification system, Cleanwater Blue or Nature2 may be perfect for you. Going chlorine or bromine free has never been easier!

Cleanwater Blue System

EPA Registered Algaecide/Bactericide

Cleanwater Blue is the easy-to-use, healthy alternative water purifier. It works without the chemical odor, and with none of the irritation that can sometimes be caused by chlorine or bromine in hot tub water. Very economical-- lasts the typical user 5 months or more.

A great choice for achieving sparkling clear, pure, clean water in any hot tub spa! The natural copper-ion formula is the odorless alternative to harsh smelling spa chemicals.

The complete Cleanwater Blue System includes the companion products: Cleanwater Prep calcium sequestrant and Cleanwater Purge compatible scale & metal inhibitor.

Copper - Nature's Mineral Purifier

Copper has been used since ancient times to help keep water fresh. Copper was a preferred metal for storage vessels. American settlers crossing the plains put copper pennies in water barrels to inhibit stagnation, although no one really understood why it worked.

Cleanwater Blue provides a new, advanced way to use this time-proven copper-ion purification technology. Specially bonded with an exclusive proprietary carrier agent, CW-286, Cleanwater Blue achieves much higher effectiveness than other similar products. Read the Cleanwater Blue White Paper for more info.

Safe and Effective

The alternative to chlorine or bromine. Cleanwater Blue kills bacteria & algae by introducing a copper ion into the water. This mineral disrupts the cell structure and chemical makeup of these organisms, eliminating them in a way that is non-toxic to people or pets!

Safe to use: the amount of copper that Cleanwater Blue introduces at the recommended dosage is actually lower than the EPA drinking water standard for copper! Now your hot tub water is more natural, non-irritating, non-allergenic, and odor-free. You'll love how smooth the spa water feels on your skin.

No more ruined hair, bleached swimsuits, dry skin, or red eyes - just cleaner, fresher, better feeling water! Cleanwater Blue is better for you and your family, and easier on your spa's equipment system. Best of all, it requires a lot less maintenance than other systems. No need for daily, or weekly water testing-- test just twice a month!

Easily Tested

Use 3-Way Copper Test Strips are for testing Cleanwater Blue in your spa. Measures the Purifier Level (copper), plus Total Alkalinity (TA) and pH, to allow you to easily and correctly balance your spa water using these products. One bottle tests your spa for about a year!

Nature2 Spa Purifier

Nature 2 is a water purification technology for spas that gives the purest, clearest water imaginable, with virtually no odor. It works using a silver catalyst to kill microbes. Lasts 4 months. From Zodiac.

Less harsh chemicals are needed to keep your hot tub water sparkling clean. You'll experience no red, burning eyes, irritated skin or discolored hair, while of sanitizer automatically.


The Nature2 spa purifier is installed inside your hot tub's filter cartridge.  It works on both pressure and suction type filtration systems and is suitable for spas up to 500 gallons.  Your spa should be circulated a minimum of 4 hours daily to be effective.

NOTE: Your filter cartridge must be at least 8" long, and have a hole diameter of at least 1 1/4" to accept the Nature2 purifier cartridge. For spas with smaller filters which will not accept the Nature2 cartridge, try Cleanwater Blue liquid (described above).  It is a great choice.

Order the Nature2 Pro Starter Kit and get the Nature 2 cartridge and all the water balance chemicals and other products you need at a discounted price.